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DMS APAC LIMITED is a leading worldwide service quality marketing company with our headquarter in Paris and APAC branch office in Hong Kong. Due to an increasing activity in Asia we are now looking for more mystery shoppers all over Asia.

If you are interested in Hong Kong or Macau missions, please register at :
If you are traveling soon, tell us the date and destination of your travels on our site:
It’s free, fast and with no obligation. 
*All your information provided on the above links will be used for recruitement and assign suitable task respectively, all the data will be kept confidentially and will not be disclosed to third party!
For more information, please contact :
Yan :  852-2153 3594
Elaine :  852-2153 3595
Nicole :  852-2153 3538

公司地址:香港HK 联系电话:待定

Mystery Shopping 神秘调查员



  • Women and Men
  • Preferably age 30 or above
  • Write qualitative comments
  • Proficient in Microsoft office and excel
  • Be curious, observant and detail minded

  • 性别:男女均可,
  • 岁数:30或以上较好
  • 技能:良好书写技巧、熟识互联网、微软Office和Excel 好奇,好的观察能力和好的记忆力


You will have to visit an assigned point of sale, follow the instructed scenario, ask a few mandatory questions, observe several aspects (General environment, greetings, receptions, sales pitch, closing and suchlike) and fill out an online questionnaire about your experience. 




Various fees from HKD150 to HKD400 per visit depending on the type of mission. Paid within a month upon submitting online questionnaire with rich and detail comment

For some visits the purchase is mandatory in a specific universe at Duty Free Shops: fragrance / skincare or make up. You will be rewarded the product (women only).

[女仕限定] 一些在免税店的查访会有特定购买产品的场景,您会得到一件免费产品包括香水,护肤品或化妆品(需递交收据正本)。